"Rural Water Impact is the epitome of great customer service!"

- Lisa D. Smith-Perri, GM/ED
  West Carteret Water Corporation

RWI is a unique family of seasoned professionals with combined experience totalling over 25 years in the web/technology industry, over 35 years in the water works industry, and almost 30 years in sales and service... Now that’s a lot of experience!

Meet Our Team


Shelly As co-founder and partner, Shelly is responsible for business development, new site launches, and customer support. With a long career background in sales and training, Shelly is committed to quality and customer service, personally making sure that each utility customer gets the most value from their website.


Shannon As co-founder and partner, Shannon leads the day to day operations, customer support, and marketing. With an extensive career background in sales and service, Shannon is committed to customer satisfaction and to keeping everything streamlined and efficient -- so even the smallest water systems can afford our service.


As we expand into more and more states, Dana helps lead sales and customer support.


Carri has serious organization skills and helps keep our admin and paper work beyond reproach.


Cathy wears many hats well, helping with copywriting, social media, and even customer support.


Brent conducts the magical customization of our application platform, proudly built on Dialogs.


Landon provides design and technical support and leads development for special projects.


In addition to his role as chief barista, Chris assists with design and new feature development.


As you can see, it takes a team effort to bring RWI to the Rural Water industry and to keep the wheels rolling. We are constantly working to improve our product and to achieve perfect customer satisfaction. We are truly blessed to have such a dedicated and talented team!

What our customers say…

"We are so pleased to have Rural Water Impact expand into Canada. Our new website was easy to set up and customize to our needs with the help of their excellent technical support team. We love the built in water conservation tips and useful information that is relevant no matter where you live. The Alerts section on our website is our absolute favourite feature with many customers already subscribed to receive instant updates as they occur. Thanks!"

- Donna Monteith, District Administrator
Cowichan Bay Waterworks District

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