Easy to Maintain

Your RWI website is so easy to edit -- you'll never again have to wait for a web designer or coder to make changes for you!

Your website comes with a secure Client Dashboard where you are able to log in and make edits to any of your site content any time you like. Post an alert, upload a meeting agenda, edit your staff information, or add a slide to your Home page, and much more... The power is in your hands!

It's intuitive and user-friendly. As we like to say, "If you can edit a Word document, then you can edit your own website."

And you never have to worry, because if you get stuck or just don't have time to make an update, you can simply reach out to us -- Our customer support is always free and unlimited.

What our customers say…

"We can see our new website and it is beautiful. I give Rural Water Impact team -- Shannon, Michael and all those behind the scenes individuals -- all the credit of persevering with multiple challenges not the least of which was my lack of knowledge and experience. Each of you took the hand your were dealt with and worked hard to put together a website I am very proud of, it was debut to the staff this morning and they were very pleased. I look forward to working with this team to tell the story of this District and rural water."

- Sharon A Cornelius, Manager / Clerk for the Board of Directors
Public Water Supply District #2, Andrew County

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