"Thank you very much for the website. I love the alert feature!"

Brian Gray, Operator
North DeSoto Water System Inc.

"I am looking forward to being able to change things and add things myself. Your group is great! So glad I found you!"

Kim Bonner, Office Manager
East Alabama Water, Sewer, & Fire Protection District

"The people at RWI are super. I highly recommend them to launch your new user-friendly website with visually appealing designs, tools and information for your customers. RWI makes it easy to keep a sharp looking website fresh and up-to-date!"

Vicky Sprengeler, Office Manager
Rural Water District #5, Cowley County

"You guys continually knock it out of the ballpark… I value your work and efforts on our behalf and thank you for making us look good to our customers. You are simply THE BEST!!"

Vicky Sprengeler, Office Manager
Rural Water District #5, Cowley County

"I want to thank you and the team for having such an easy-to-use system and for your great customer service. I have told our board of directors how very happy I am that we signed on with Rural Water Impact. Many thanks for everything."

Karen Thomasy, Administration
Mustang Valley Water Supply Corp.

"Thank you so much. We are going to send out special notices in next months statements letting everyone know about our website and bill pay. I am so excited. We have needed this for a very long time. This is going to help so many people."

Elizabeth Niece, Office Manager
Berrendo Cooperative Water Users Association

"Purchasing our website from RWI is the single BEST decision I’ve made in the 3 years I’ve been here!! Again, thank you for having such an outstanding product, at such an affordable price. You have made my life so much easier on a day-to-day basis."

Lori Steffek, Office Manager
Fayette County WCID-Monument Hill & Monument Hill Property Owners Association

"We just switched our web host to Rural Water Impact & they are great! I can't say enough good about their responsiveness for us non web designers."

Pat Williams, General Manager
Herlong Public Utility District

"I'm your new biggest fan!! The website is great and it's so easy to update. What a blessing."

Charlie Gray, CEO
Chesterfield County Rural Water Co., Inc.

"Thanks for all you do. It's refreshing to know there is wonderful customer service and can actually talk to such wonderful people."

Tim Ferrall, Assistant Manager
Hawley Water Supply Corporation

"My overall experience has been great! Everyone has been very helpful and continue to be when I call with a question. They are quick to respond and very polite. The website looks terrific and is very efficient. It has made the distribution of our CCR a breeze."

Karen M. Leonard-Avery, General Manager
Pennington Water Supply Corp.

"Levi Water Supply Corporation recently subscribed to a new website thru Rural Water Impact. We have found a website that will meet our current and future needs for a website. We have found the website to be very user friendly and they have done everything they promised to do to help us get started."

Jim Sheffield, Secretary to the Board of Directors
Levi Water Supply Corp.

"We are so excited that RWI has created such an affordable and easy-to-use website solution for the utilities. And the support they provide is excellent, too."

Myrica Keiser, Executive Director
Virginia Rural Water Association

"I just want to thank you all for helping us and we have received many compliments on our website. We are extremely pleased with it and its easy fast and user friendly. Thanks for making us look good!"

Annabelle Lerma Salinas, Office Manager
McCoy Water Supply Corporation

"You have a great service and it’s a very easy and affordable way for small water districts to have a professional web presence. And your customer service is great, too!"

Ginger Reno, Office Manager
Wagoner County RWD #7

"RWI's website solution helps water utilities save money and stay current. We recommend it strongly to all our members."

Dennis Sternberg, Executive Director
Arkansas Rural Water Association

"I checked out our new website and it is great!! ...Thank you for your help!! Your customer service is above and beyond expectations!!"

Kathe McKinney, Secretary
Okfuskee Co Rural Water District 3

"Our new site is informative, yet customizable and very easy for us to keep updated. The cost was very, very little and I admit that I want to send them another check! The website was up quickly and they did all the work - converting the information from our current site. They, to me, are the example of great customer service!"

Lisa D. Smith-Perri, GM/ED
West Carteret Water Corporation

"I never imagined it would be so easy to have a website. I also never thought that so many of our customers would subscribe to our site or download forms and new customer information. Thank you, RURAL WATER IMPACT—You girls are the GREATEST!!"

Wanda Gaby, General Manager
Bright Star-Salem Special Utility District

"Besides the flawless customer service and ease in using the program, the affordability was unrivaled by any other company we considered. KUDOS to you all… you have created a WONDERFUL service!"

Janie Gotcher, Billing Manager
Walnut Creek Special Utility District

"I am very impressed with your technical service. These steps could not have been any better, I really appreciate it."

Nick Lolies, Supervisor
Perquimans County Water Dept.

"We are extremely pleased with Rural Water Impact. It’s easy to navigate, make changes, and have a clean, professional site. The staff has always been quick and courteous to answer any questions we have had. We are very glad we made this choice."

Jason Knobloch, General Manager
San Jacinto SUD

"I love the designs and artwork that you guys create for us! I have gotten many compliments about how nice our website looks. Thank you for making us look good!"

Amy Kress, Office Manager
Dog Ridge WSC

"Our website experience with Rural Water Impact can be best described as EFFORTLESS! The process from beginning to end was streamlined with ease and efficiency."

Addie Salinas, Business Office Administrator
Nueces County WCID #3

"RWI's customer service is 100% awesome!! These people know how to take care of their customers!!"

Paul Hightower, General Manager
Myrtle Springs Water Supply Corporation

"I have already begun making changes to [our website], it's extremely user friendly. This really exceeded my expectations, great job on this, we are very happy with the results so far. Again thanks for all your help getting this launched & so quickly. You are already making me look like a genius for getting this done. "

Don Wilcoxen, Business Manager
South Delaware County RWA

"Rural Water Impact - A Great Company that does Great Work, Thank You Ladies!!!!"

Doug Anderton, General Manager
Dade County Water & Sewer Authority

"I put off getting a website for so long not only because of the cost involved, but mainly because I didn’t have the time to stop and gather the information I needed to set the site up. Thanks for doing that for me and for your excellent support. I hope your business continues to grow."

Rita Brooks, Office Manager
Two Way SUD

"AWESOME, GREAT, STUPENDOUS, I simply do not have the words to tell you how IMPRESSED I am with your work!!!!! I wish I could tell ALL water districts about you and your extraordinary work!!! There is NO WAY to beat the quality for the minute charge!!!"

Bobbie Alberty, Office Administrator
Rural Water Dist 3, Rogers County

"I want to let you know how much I appreciate all you have done. When you say "unlimited support" you mean it! I'm am so glad we decided to use your company for our website. "

Sherry Saunders, Office Manager
Staff Water Supply Corporation

"THANK YOU for that AWESOME tutorial! Once again, Team RWI... extraordinarily awesome!! I wish EVERYONE knew how VALUABLE you and your service is!"

Bobbie Alberty, Office Administrator
Rural Water Dist 3, Rogers County

"Rural Water Impact is outstanding. With great enthusiasm for their work, they create a high quality site at an affordable price. The set up process was extremely fast and the best feature is editing the site myself."

Kristi Hirsch, General Manager
Fouke Water Supply Corporation

"Rural Water Impact offers a website that looks great, lets our customers sign up for alerts, and I can make updates myself. And their Customer Service is always prompt and helpful. I highly recommend you give them a try -- You won’t be disappointed!"

Pattie Campbell, Office Manager
Ramsey Water Company Inc.

"Thank you for providing such beautiful images and for reminding me to change them. We also appreciate the one you included for conserving water and the boil water slide. Y'all are terrific and we appreciate you!"

Stacey Reynolds, Office Manager
Robertson County Water Supply Corporation

"It’s been a while since I told you, but again I say THANK YOU for our website! We love it and our customers love it. It has been a tremendous plus for our operation."

C. Michael Dishman, PE, General Manager
Scott County Public Service Authority

"I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate being able to easily update our website with your service. I love the reminders and fresh slides!"

Brad Bryant, Manager
Jefferson County PWSD No. 12

"Thanks for your excellent work."

Karen Thomasy, Administration Manager
Mustang Valley Water Supply

"I had to tell y'all. I love my website. It's the best thing we have EVER DONE!!"

Regina Clinton, Manager
Bryan County Rural Water District 2

"I love our website! It's easy to make updates and saves us so much time. Our customers love it. It's the best decision we ever made!"

Jennifer Field, Office Manager
Ellis Water Company

"Our experience with Rural Water Impact has been top notch! We appreciate the excellent customer service and timely effective answers to any questions we have. Our site is very user friendly for our customers with streamlined options to sign up for alerts and payment options. Adding alerts, articles or polices are easily executed. We highly recommend RWI!"

Chelse, Darcy & Kim,
Mahaska Rural Water System, Inc.

"So easy to use it made a rough couple of days easier to get through! We had a water break this week that resulted in a boil advisory being issued by the State. The alert system made it simple to give our residents the information they needed in a prompt fashion. We were able to keep them informed in a way we have never been able to before. We made a great decision to partner with your company. Thank you!"

Jim Kroger CMC, City Clerk
Overbrook, KS

"Rural Water Impact made the setup and management of our website so simple. We can post news and alerts, and our customers are able to connect with us whenever they wish. Customer support is excellent, too -- We're glad we found them."

Larry Simms, Director
Hauser Lake Water Association

"This will be the first year that we will be posting information about our CCR Report on the water bills and on the website. The District in the past has always posted it in the newspaper costing nearly $800.00 dollars (yes 800 bucks!) The savings alone for this tip more than pays for the setup and subscription for the the website -- A BIG THANKS AGAIN."

Greg Golden, Acting President
Public Water Supply District No. 3 of Clay County

"I can not express enough, the appreciation I have for getting this off the ground so quickly. Last week I called the most vocal customer about our website and asked her to take a look at it and give me some feedback, she stated, Well I hope it is good, because I don't like many of them." Today she called me to express her delight with the website. Whew! I just wanted to say, THANK YOU THANK YOU."

Greg Golden, Acting President
Public Water Supply District No. 3 of Clay County

"Thank you. You're the best."

Diana Scott, Office Manager
Canadian County Water Authority

"One of our Board members commented that this is teh best $357.50 he knows of... I agree! Keep up the good work."

Glenda Liles, Office Manager
Armstrong Water Supply Corporation

"Thank you so much for taking care of us as usual! You have gotten us out of so many jams over the years."

Frankie Espree, Office Manager
Raywood WSC

"Thank you Thank you Thank you!!"

Angela Hasty, Office Manager
Pawnee County Rural Water District 2

"Thank you everyone! I just checked our website this morning and it was like magic; the information was there. Rural Water Impact is the best!!"

Nanci Essary, General Manager
Rose Hill Special Utility District

"I have notified the Board of the posting and mentioned that this would not have been possible without the help of Rural Water Impact."

Maurice Collin, General Manager
South Brevard Water Co-Op, Inc.

"We are very pleased with the professionalism and great response from Rural Water Impact !!! We love our new website!!!"

Kay Phillips, General Manager
Rockett Special Utility District

"We are so pleased to have Rural Water Impact expand into Canada. Our new website was easy to set up and customize to our needs with the help of their excellent technical support team. We love the built in water conservation tips and useful information that is relevant no matter where you live. The Alerts section on our website is our absolute favourite feature with many customers already subscribed to receive instant updates as they occur. Thanks!"

Donna Monteith, District Administrator
Cowichan Bay Waterworks District

"Thank you for all your assistance and willingness to support your product so professionally. I could not be more delighted with the decision we made regarding trusting Rural Water Impact with our Website. You have a wonderful product and we appreciated the opportunity for the one on one training you provided."

Jack Ross, General Manager Water Dept.
Helena-West Helena Arkansas

"Thanks for helping us look professional and giving our customers a convenient way to keep up to date on our company and pay on line."

Stacey Reynolds, Office Manager
Robertson County Water Supply Corporation

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